Cloud-style, Hosted Database Platform

Imagine combining the Flexibility of MS Excel with the Relational Database Functionality of MS Access into an Online, Cloud-style, platform. You would have a user-friendly tool that can be accessed from almost any Internet device, from countries all across the world, with a fraction of the development time and cost of just about any other platform.

Designed with the business user in mind, QuickBase® provides one platform from which workgroups can easily create unlimited applications to automate business processes and improve communication and collaboration online. QuickBase® applications solve critical business problems and help improve productivity and efficiency because they are tailored by the user to match the exact workflow and unique needs of their team – something complex point solutions or generic spreadsheets simply can’t match.

Used by more than half of the Fortune 100, QuickBase® is the only proven team collaboration platform that’s perfect for business users – regardless of size, location or industry – while delivering the visibility and control IT executives need to manage enterprise-wide deployments in large companies.

What are some benefits of using an online database?

  • An online database is a single repository. As individuals interact with online database software, their work is immediately integrated, significantly reducing questions of data accuracy and data inconsistencies.
  • A Web Database enables larger storage capabilities. A web database doesn’t limit your data or file storage options. A database application is scalable, so you can start small and increase storage as your online database software requirements evolve.
  • Online Database software is customizable. With online database software, you can easily customize forms, fields, categories and reports—up-front or as you go—to match your specific business processes.
  • Web-based databases are available anytime, anywhere. An online database program is web-based software, which means they’re easily accessible to your workforce, business partners, and anyone else you allow, wherever and whenever they work.