Making Invisible ROI Visible

Considering your return-on-investment (ROI) when evaluating Quick Base® is important because the results once deployed can be fairly dramatic, even when considering the costs associated with implementation.

Most, profit-generating businesses regard software as a critical part of their infrastructure but it can also be a competitive advantage. In fact, companies that leverage information technology as a key part of their business strategy to cut costs and increase productivity, just two ways a business can began to increase its profitability. However, because most businesses still see information technology traditionally as a cost center, and not a profit center, it is very difficult to discuss the development of “application” in terms of profitability.

Part of application development should be quantified in terms of cost savings and increased productivity, sometimes businesses perceives these terms as cost savings vs. cost avoidance. The key to increasing productivity is reducing the amount of time it takes for a person to do some “thing” as compared to achieving the same results using the current approach.

Process improvement takes form when we see better articulated, well-documented, more accessible, and standardized “best practice” reflected in an intuitive applications which allow for a reduction in the amount of time required for a person to accomplish goals and activities.