About Us

Go Quickbase has the ability to effectively take business requirements and convert them into understandable technical specifications to deliver the needed solutions. Our chosen database platform, Quick Base®, and our communication capabilities combine to deliver web-based business solutions that save time, money, resources and effort, but in an affordable and minimal lead time method.

Go Quickbase can design, develop, implement and support a customized solution for a fraction of the time and cost of any other platform. We have been proving this for the last 6 years with Fortune 100 companies, all the way down to sole-proprietorships, and everything in between. Contact us for more details about our impressive clientele experience.

Case Studies

We are here to help you meet and exceed your business goals, but the proof is in the results:

Real Estate Company – This client needed to convert their existing Excel spreadsheet, which allowed them to manage at the most 175 properties at any given time, into a relational, online database with automatic email notifications and reminders, user-customizable reporting, low development costs, and scalability. Within months of implementing the database solution, the number of simultaneous properties being managed went to over 600 units; a growth of over 400%. We then helped the company franchise their business model and database spanning over 35 states throughout the

US. Manufacturing Company – This client started in business over 100 years ago and is an American icon. The company is large and very interested in streamlining processes and eliminating as much waste, rework, time, and non-value added resources as possible. Just one of our solutions produced over $4 million in savings to the business in 2009 alone and we have several current and future projects that will continue to see an even greater annual ROI. There are many examples of how Go Quickbase has been able to leverage the power of the Quick Base® platform with the talent and capabilities of the Go Quickbase Team to transform a company from dysfunctional to dynamic or from merely functional to fantastic performers. Experience what Go Quickbase can do for you. Contact Us Today.